Our values and promise

Our intention has always been to take nature and our customers into account when designing our products. To us, sustainability means that you love your skincare with our products so much that you don't have to search anymore.

It is important to us to maintain quality at every stage of production. It is also essential to know the hands that make our products. That's why we cooperate with a small family business that shares the same values as us. The factory is Ecocert and Madesafe certified and is located in Finland. They work with great passion and a good heart. This is a significant part of the quality of Soil of Beauty products. We are grateful for the cooperation that made our story possible.

Every plant that ends up in our product is carefully selected, and the same goes for its origin. We combine plants growing in the north with traditional oriental medicinal plants. Whenever possible, we use wild or organic plants grown in Finland. The Reishi mushroom, known as Adaptogen from the East, grows in a Finnish organic certified forest. We only use food-grade plants, so their purity has been tested and found to be safe. Quality is a primary value in our plants, which we do not compromise at any stage. Because of this, we have even had to change recipes if the adequate quality is not available.

Soil of Beauty's products has been developed with high and safe quality from the beginning. We wanted to create ethical, natural cosmetics products that really work. We do not compromise on the quality of ingredients, ecological, recyclable packaging, and honesty. As a result, there is no extra price for our products that would show up as ongoing discount sales. We manufacture our products in small batches, so there is no need to sell obsolete products at a lower price.

As a company, one of our most important messages is to help you understand that skincare can be organic and simple. To understand your skin, what external and internal factors affect it, and how high-quality natural cosmetics can help your skin. Waiting for discount sales makes a person restless and increases consumption and error purchases. The most ecological skincare is possible when you find and stay with the right products for your skin, and you don't have to look for something new all the time.

I have worked as a skin therapist for over twenty years. Even as a young beautician, I was disappointed because I didn't get results that I would have been happy with. Without Chinese medicine, I would have ended my career in skincare. Whether it's about maintaining skin health, or causes of demanding skin problems sorting out, I have found the answers in Chinese medicine and helped many people. Skincare can go deeper than the surface. True beauty and healthy skin are for everyone. I found my way to this with the help of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. I hope I can help you on your way to healthy and beautiful skin with Soil of Beauty.

Unfortunately, we get a considerable amount of harmful chemicals, radiation, and air pollution from our environment. Why wouldn't you want your cosmetics without them?

Everything that comes from nature is not clean. Organic farming is essential, but we have gone even further. Local production and cooperation with small businesses ensure the safety of the plants we use. High-quality organic cosmetics are effective and safe. There will be fewer hypersensitivity reactions when cosmetics meet these quality standards and do not contain impurities. Organic cosmetics are also safe for sensitive skin.