Henna Uusikallio

Holistic skincare - Facial Acupuncture - Chinese Medicine - Herbalism

Experience in natural skin care

Facial acupuncture

Facial acupuncture is a holistic way of treating the skin naturally. Henna has been doing facial acupuncture treatments for over 15 years with great success and is one of Finland's pioneers in her field.

Holistic skin therapist

Henna has always been deeply connected to nature, finding comfort and inspiration in its rhythms. This profound connection has naturally guided her to embrace the principles of authentic natural skincare from the very start of her career.

Holistic skin care

The core of Henna's treatment philosophy is to bring a holistic approach to treatments. Chinese medicine is at the base of her holistic thinking. That's why Soil of Beauty's products are also based on Chinese medicine.

Soil of Beauty was born on the basis of long experience

During her career, Henna has successfully treated thousands of clients and helped them with really challenging skin problems. In her work, she has witnessed what works and what doesn't in skin care.

Commitment is one of the most essential things in skin care. Soil of Beauty's product line is minimalistic; the products have multiple effects and aim to bring visible results.

These three things make skincare clear, results-driven, and very enjoyable to implement daily.

Soil of Beauty has been developed to meet the needs of the demanding user of natural cosmetics, and with its simplicity, it is also very sustainable and keeps your mind at ease.

By the sea, surrounded by old forest

Soil of Beauty's headquarters is located in the countryside in Loviisa, Finland.

Nature is strongly present here; a sea eagle often flies over the house, deer visit the yard, and sometimes moose walk in the field next to the house.

For Henna, nature is the soil from which all beauty originates - including the beauty of us humans.

We always take nature into account in all choices. Nature teaches us and soothes us whenever we need it.

The name Soil of Beauty refers to our wonderful world, a world where beauty's roots are deep in the rich soil.

Live your own life and find the roots of your beauty

Anyone who has experienced challenges with their own skin health knows how it can paralyze us and make us feel like an outsider.

Soil of Beauty's goal is to help you find balance with your skin, calm your mind, and encourage you to live a life that looks like you.

This is what Henna's life looks like. Horses have been precious to her since she was a child. Horses have taught the importance of simplicity, calmness, and relaxation. For Henna, the horses are teachers who share nature's wisdom with their being.