Pure and effective ingredients

Over 90% wildcrafted and organic ingredients in all products

A Holistic approach to skincare

Formulated holistically using herbal wisdom of Chinese medicine

Adaptable to all skin types

Adaptogenic plants and wise formulations for a healthier, more vibrant complexion.

"Best Nordic face balm of the year 2021"
Essence Balm is the winner of the Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2021
Responsibility is important to us
Made in Finland with respect for nature

Soil of Beauty products are carefully and responsibly designed from the soil up. We work with sustainable companies and support natural forests. Because of our values and practices, Soil of Beauty has been awarded the Design From Finland label.

Focus on functionality

Our simple product line promises you results with minimum effort. Our products are multifunctional and suitable for all ages.

Adapts with your skin

Every moment challenges the mind and skin to adapt to the prevailing conditions. We developed our products to adapt to the state of your skin - at every stage of life.

Strengthen the barrier

In Chinese medicine, we seek a balance between the internal and the external. A strong immune system is most important for healthy and beautiful skin. That's why we've formulated our products to protect and strengthen this delicate balance.


After discovering Balm, it became a trusted product. No more trying new products when you have a cream that does its job of moisturising, keeping impurities at bay, soothing and conditioning.


I've been testing the balm for a month in combination with the Shen Tonic Elixir and I'm VERY happy. I have tried MANY products and have been going from one jar to another for years. No more!

Jenna R