Beautiful HOLISTIC
For Worry-Free Skin

Inspired by Chinese medicine. Better results with less products.


We take an holistic approach to skincare, using natural ingredients and ancient herbal wisdom from Chinese medicine. Our products are designed to nourish and revitalize the skin, while promoting a sense of wellbeing.


After discovering Balm, it became a trusted product. No more trying new products when you have a cream that does its job of moisturising, keeping impurities at bay, soothing and conditioning.


I've been testing the balm for a month in combination with the Shen Tonic Elixir and I'm VERY happy. I have tried MANY products and have been going from one jar to another for years. No more!

Jenna R
Made in Finland with love and compassion

Soil of Beauty products are made with love and care in Finland. With every product, we aim to provide therapeutic skincare that supports your skin health on all levels: physical, emotional or mental.

Pure and effective ingredients for healthy skin

We use wildcrafted and organic ingredients in all products.

Get the best results with holistic skincare routine

Formulated holistically using herbal wisdom of Taoist philosophy.

Boost vitality of your skin with adaptogenic plants

Adaptogenic plants and wise formulations for a healthier, more vibrant complexion.

Great results results with minimum effort

Our simple product line promises you results with minimum effort. Our products are multifunctional and suitable for all ages.

Our products adapt to your skin at every stage of life

Every moment challenges the mind and skin to adapt to the prevailing conditions. We developed our products to adapt to the state of your skin - at every stage of life.

Strengthen your protective barrier for beautiful skin

It's all about balance. Healthy immunity is essential for beautiful skin. Our products help preserve this delicate balance.

Responsible product design
The soil is the skin of the earth

I founded Soil of Beauty because I wanted to create a holistic line of products that were sustainable and environmentally responsible from the ground up. I believe that beauty should be nurtured responsibly, and that's why we work with businesses who share our values when it comes to sustainability and also choose ingredients that are not in danger of extiction.

Design From Finland label guarantees that our products have been designed with responsibility in mind.