Organic skincare
with good intention

Essence Balm

Adaptive formulation blends Nordic and Eastern herbal wisdom to enhance your skin’s immunity

Shen Tonic Elixir

Uplifting and deeply hydrating elixir-mist for every skin

Soil of Beauty develops functional skincare formulations based on Chinese medicine and over two decades of professional skincare practice.

We offer a curated product range with potent, carefully selected, and sourced ingredients from Nordic nature.


Our simple product line promises you results with minimum effort. Our products are multifunctional and suitable for all ages. We use recyclable and shelf life enhancing Miron's violet glass jars and bottles.


Every moment challenges the mind and skin to adapt to the prevailing conditions. We developed our products to adapt to the state of your skin - at every stage of life.


In Chinese medicine, we seek a balance between the internal and the external. A strong immune system is most important for healthy and beautiful skin. That's why we've formulated our products to protect and strengthen this delicate balance.