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Treatment range & philosophy

The core of my treatment philosophy is to bring a holistic approach to every treatment. I look at your face and your whole being always deeper than the surface. The face tells us honestly what is happening inside us and what should be paid attention to.

Chinese medicine and facial analysis together with language and pulse diagnostics can bring solutions to find out the causes of difficult skin problems. In the treatment, you will also receive instructions on the use of food and, if necessary, nutritional supplements.

I use my own Soil of beauty organic cosmetics for treatments. The products are made on the principle of raw food and contain exceptionally strong living energy.

I want to bring you gentleness and deep peace towards yourself. In this case, you can start listening to your body's messages yourself and live according to your own natural rhythm. Clean, nutritious food, high-quality organic cosmetics and intestinal well-being. Here are the most important things for the overall well-being of your skin!

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"The brightening of my skin and the slowing down of age-related changes and great relaxation in an instant. Facial acupuncture is pleasant and an excellent addition to the overall facial treatment." -JaanaR

"I have felt that I get many benefits. Relaxation, the skin has improved, metabolism has increased, frostbite has decreased, menstrual bleeding has become more regular. " -Time

"I have received help for many problems, from stomach problems to menopause problems. The facial treatment as a whole makes you feel good and in the mood, relaxes and refreshes you for the future." -Minna

"The skin on my face has brightened considerably, there have been a lot of problems with my forehead in particular, but thanks to Henna's treatments, the blockage in the forehead area has started to move and I myself know how to treat my skin and my whole body better. Henna's comprehensive knowledge does not only extend to the face, but she can see where on the body skin impurities originate. In my opinion, facial acupuncture has been a necessary support during the treatment and the benefits of acupuncture are immediate." - Veera

"I had suffered for several years from poor facial skin. The cause was revealed at some point by a dermatologist to be roseacne, rosacea, for which I received heavy drug courses, etc. My skin got better for a while, but I still had symptoms. Then I found  Henna and the acupuncture facial, it has really helped. Now I regularly go for treatment and sometimes whenever the treatment interval gets a little longer, roseacne starts to show a little on my face. Of course, the important thing at the beginning was that Henna recognized roseacne (not all beauticians have recognized it). of course, I would have told that myself, when it had been diagnosed by a dermatologist at that point. A wonderful and relaxing treatment! I recommend!" -Sirpa


Acupuncture facial €125

The most popular treatment! A completely relaxing facial treatment combines the wisdom and treatments of traditional Chinese medicine. Facial treatment includes initial cleansing, skin analysis and interview according to Chinese medicine, exfoliation, infrared heating and, if necessary, skin cleansing, acupuncture, mask and massage for the face and scalp.


Facial acupuncture €95

Comprehensively cleansing and renewing treatment. Contains two very effective treatment masks that get their power from the wonderful ingredients of Finnish folklore and oriental medicine. Birch ash, roots, activated carbon, turmeric, mango, sweet potato. During the treatment, I massage the acupoints of the head and hands area, which support the cleansing and relaxation of the body. With acupuncture, you get an immediate lifting and brightening of the face. A gentle and individual detox treatment that is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and inflamed skin.

"Wonderfully relaxing experience every time you go there, I highly recommend it. Skin symptoms are relieved and also relieves stress." -Elli

"My skin has calmed down after starting the treatments. Facial acupuncture is like a facelift without surgery." -Ellu


Facial acupuncture €95

Without facial treatment, includes initial cleansing, skin analysis according to traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Acupressure for face and scalp, Soil of beauty care products.

"A big help in the treatment of rosacea. A relaxing moment!" -Heini

"My skin feels and looks good most of the time, I've even heard that I look younger than my age :) Facial acupuncture is painless and afterwards the skin immediately feels firmer, as if a quick lift had been done." -Nunnu

"Facial acupuncture has relaxed me and helped my nerves" -Meeru


Acupuncture €68

Acupuncture is an old form of treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine. It is well suited for the treatment of pain, stress, sleep problems, menstrual problems and mood.

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