Soil of Beauty kasvojen kuivakuppaus setti tehokkaaseen ja turvalliseen kasvojen imukuppihierontaan.
Soil of Beauty - Kasvojen kuivakuppaus - Design from Finland
Soil of Beauty imukupit on tehty lääkinnällisestä silikonista, ja siksi niitä on turvallista käyttää kasvoille.

FACIAL CUPPING KIT | Two Cups & E-Book With Illustrated Instructions

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Looking for a way to give your skin an instant glow? Soil of Beauty's dry cupping treatment is exactly what you need! This refreshing and gentle treatment quickly firms and brightens the skin, while relaxing the facial muscles.

You will receive an e-book with your order, which contains pictorial and written instructions on how to do facial cupping safely and correctly. Also includes instructions for acne and rosacea skin and very sensitive skin.

 The benefits of dry cupping

  • Blood circulation improves and the skin gets a healthy color
  • Energy circulation improves and the face gets a beautiful glow
  • Slag substances are removed from the face when the lymphatic circulation opens up
  • The skin's intake of nutrients improves and the effect of the facial oil is enhanced
  • The muscle membranes open and the skin is better moisturized
  • Relieves muscle tension on the face
  • Shapes the face and smooths lines
  • Tightens sagging skin
  • Removes swelling
  • Reduces impurities and blockages
  • Reduces acne scars
  • Reduces redness caused by dilated blood vessels

The package contains two suction cups for facial cupping

The package contains two high-quality and stylish suction cups. The smaller face cup is suitable for firming the skin around the eyes and lips and the larger suction cup for the face, neck and décolleté. The beautiful box will be suitable for storing cups in the future.

Material: Silicone
Color: Black
Quantity: 2 pieces
E-book: The 25-page user manual contains pictorial instructions for dry facial cupping

You will receive comprehensive operating instructions

With your order, you will receive a 25-page e-book (value 7.90e), which contains instructions for making a safe and effective facial cupping. The e-book will be sent to your email after delivery confirmation.

The e-book contains the basics of facial cupping from the perspective of holistic skin care. Dry cupping of the face is popular and many types of instructions are available, but it is important to maintain its connection to Eastern wisdom and not to see cupping as just a mechanical procedure.

Subscribers of facial suction cups can also participate free of charge in the secrets of facial cupping - in-depth 5-day motivational course which covers e.g. lymphatic circulation, facial meridians and reflex areas.