Soil of Beautyn tavoitteena on tuoda uusia lähestymistapoja terveyden- ja kauneudenhoitoon.

The soil of beauty consists of very natural things from which we are alienated in modern life. However, we have a subconscious need to find a connection with ourselves, our body and our roots. Interest in clean food, natural cosmetics and a more peaceful lifestyle have increased. Current research brings out more and more information that has been known in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

The soil grows our food and gives us the raw materials for natural skin care. The vitality of the soil and the diversity of microbes are a prerequisite for the quality of our food as well as the effectiveness of skin care products. Vibrant soil contains a lot of Qi, or life energy. It is possible to store Qi on a plate or even in a cream bottle, but to guarantee it, the right kind of manufacturing process is important to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the end result.

The gut is the soil of our body. There is an ecosystem in the intestine, the vitality of which determines what food is absorbed and what kind of bacteria guide our emotions and food choices. The importance of intestinal bacteria to our health and mood is enormous. Many skin problems are related to both our emotions and the condition of our intestines. By supporting the gut, our emotional world can also be balanced.

Spirit or Shen in Chinese medicine brings out our true beauty. Shen brings a genuine glow and joy to the eyes that cannot be imitated. When the soil of our being is healthy, Shen can manifest in our face and eyes.

Naturalness is a growing trend and Natural cosmetics and healthy food have exploded into people's consciousness in recent years. The selection is huge and the options have increased. When I became interested in natural cosmetics many years ago, organic and natural cosmetics were still things developed by people with genuine passion and heart. This is no longer the case.

Green washing has been talked about for a long time in natural cosmetics. However, awareness has increased and people are no longer so easily fooled. But how to identify and choose safe and holistically functioning products?

Soil of beauty brings the idea of ​​Qi, or energy, to the well-being of the skin and health. Qi can be felt in all living things. Qi is the missing piece that is not fully understood yet, and it cannot be scientifically proven, at least not very easily. But any sensitive person can feel it. Strong Qi tells you that you are holding something that is still "alive". Your body recognizes it and reacts to it. This kind of food, vitamin, facial cream or object will always support your health. It works on an energetic level in addition to your physical being.

The products in our selection have been selected on the basis that they all contain an exceptional amount of Qi - i.e. the energy of life. That's why our selection is small, but you can be sure that the quality of the products in the Soil of Beauty online store is always high.