Essence Balm - A unique combination of surprising ingredients

Essence Balm - Ainutlaatuinen yhdistelmä yllättäviä raaka-aineita

All the plants in Essence Balm have a unique function in the product. Each one has been carefully selected in accordance with the principles of Chinese medicine.

This creates a synergy that can adapt to the individual needs of your skin.


Shea butter 乳木果油

Organic & Fair Trade

Shea butter is slightly cooling energetically. It soothes sensitized or inflamed skin.

Shea is great for strengthening the skin's barrier. This is an important feature when we want to moisturize the skin. Aqueous moisture evaporates easily into the drier room air and the skin feels tight. Shea butter helps lock moisture into the skin and prevents it from evaporating. This is why Essence Balm, together with other moisture-binding plants, is great for dry skin.

Another important feature of shea butter is that it is not comedogenic, i.e. clogging the skin. On the contrary, Shea absorbs well into the skin and does not leave a sticky feeling. In addition, its composition resembles the skin's own sebum and reduces excessive greasiness.

Soothes irritated skin
Softens the skin

Does not clog pores
 Easily sinks into the deeper layers of the skin
Balances sebum secretion

Improves skin elasticity and smoothes lines
Repairs the skin's protective layer and helps bind moisture

Shea butter is also known as Shea butter.

Apricot kernel oil 杏仁

Organic, cold-pressed

Apricot kernel oil has an energetic effect on the Colon and Lungs. In the Eastern tradition, these internal organs have a significant effect on the face. The large intestine channel runs in the area of ​​the face and is responsible for cleaning the body with its function - a function that really shows on the face if it doesn't work! The lungs, on the other hand, are generally reflected in the skin.

Soothes the skin
Reduces swelling and inflammation

Peach stone oil moisturizes the skin

Arnica 學名


Arnica reduces inflammation, swelling and pain. It opens blood flow blockages, balances the movement of Qi and strengthens both Yin and Yang. It is particularly effective in the treatment of bruises and contusions, as well as inflammatory conditions of the skin such as acne, rosacea and various rashes.

Skin and tissue healing
Reduces inflammation
Accelerates the healing of bruises

For rashes
Acne & rosacea
Strengthens capillary walls
Strengthens Yin & Yang


Arnica repairs the skin

Blackcurrant 黑加侖子

Organic, cold-pressed

Blackcurrant seed oil is a skin-nourishing and soothing oil rich in GLA fatty acids. It is used to treat dry, irritated and inflamed skin. In addition, it supports skin elasticity and prevents premature aging. Blackcurrant is rich in antioxidant rutin, which helps reddened skin by strengthening the capillary walls.

Plenty of good fatty acids
Strengthens the walls of blood vessels

Nourishes the skin
Reduces redness

Increases skin elasticity
For rashes
Reduces inflammation

Black currant seed oil nourishes the skin

Licorice root 甘草

Organic & Wild & Fair Trade

Licorice is an interesting plant in skin care. The root contains Glycyrrhizin, which has an anti-inflammatory effect similar to cortisone. In addition, it moisturizes and removes heat, so it is an excellent ingredient for dry skin rashes. The licochalcone contained in licorice root, on the other hand, helps regulate sebum secretion, so it is suitable for oily, impure and acne-prone skin.

The rich antioxidant content helps protect the skin from free oxygen radicals and prevents premature aging of the skin.

And we shouldn't forget licorice root's skin-lightening effect when it comes to hyperpigmentation due to sun damage or dermatitis.

Regulates sebum secretion

Plenty of antioxidants
 Rashes, eczema

 Acne and rosacea
 Wrinkles and fine lines
 Uneven skin tone

Among other things, licorice root reduces inflammation

Lavender 薰衣草

Organic & Wild

Lavender is one of the most important herbs for holistic facial care. This is due to its ability to affect both the skin and the mind. Lavender is able to calm and lift your mood at the same time. In Essence Balm, lavender's ability to adapt to everyone's needs is particularly central. As a night cream, the beautiful scent of lavender helps remove the stress caused by the day from the face and mind. Lavender is the sigh of relief you get when you apply Essence Balm to your face after a long day. In the morning, lavender again adapts to your needs, increasing the brightness of the mind, concentration and joy for the day that begins.


In skincare, lavender is one of the most effective skin cell regenerators
and treat scars, prematurely aged skin and dry skin.

Removes heat 
Helps acne-prone skin
Soothes itching

Calms, balances and spreads Qi
Reduces inflammation
After exposure to the sun

Lavender is excellent for soothing the skin and mind

Comfrey  研究草


Comfrey is nourishing, moisturizing and Yin-strengthening.

In skincare, it is used to heal damaged tissue,
rashes and dry skin. Contains a lot of allantoin which speeds up
skin cell renewal and skin repair. Comfrey also contains a particularly high amount of vitamin c, calcium and proteins.


Repairs skin damage
Prevents skin aging
Smoothes the skin

Rohtorauniurti heals skin damage


Organic & Local

In skincare, nettle shines due to its astringent effect, which improves skin firmness, reduces pores, balances sebum production and improves skin radiance. The fluid circulation-promoting effect helps to remove puffiness from the face. The nettle in Essence balm brings coolness, which is felt on the skin as a light freshness. 

 Rich in minerals
Vitamin C

Constricts pores
Balancing sebum secretion
Improves fluid circulation

For acne and rosacea
For rashes

Nettle improves fluid circulation


Reishi 霊芝

Organic, supercritical Co2 extract

Reishi has a lot of skincare properties. It helps the skin to maintain moisture balance, soothes, reduces flaking and
inflammations. One of the most important features is its ability to strengthen immunity and eases hypersensitivity reactions. Reishi is perfect for allergic and sensitized skin and gently strengthens the skin
defensive ability.

Reishi mushrooms also have a stimulating effect on circulation and support the renewal of skin cells. This enables damaged skin to heal from within while benefiting from reishi's high antioxidant content. The abundance of antioxidants in reishi makes it an excellent ally for anyone looking to maintain healthy, youthful skin. Free radicals are a primary cause of premature skin aging. The antioxidants in reishi combat this damage, resulting in a slowing of the aging process and an improvement in the skin's firmness and vitality.

Reishi is also a friend to acne-prone and rosacea-affected skin. Its inflammation-reducing and detoxifying effects help to accelerate skin healing.

Strengthens immunity
Allergic & hypersensitive skins

Removes toxins
Supporting the regeneration of skin cells

For acne & rosacea
For prematurely aging skin

Reishi, i.e. lacquer dwarf, helps the skin to regenerate

Blue chamomile 藍色洋甘菊

Organic & Wild

In traditional Chinese medicine, blue chamomile has been used to remove heat from the skin, making it highly effective for facial care. Its cooling effect aids in alleviating various skin issues. Additionally, chamomile calms the flow of Qi and relieves pain, making it excellent for when skin problems are accompanied by headaches. Chamomile also has a particularly soothing effect on the mind.

Very soothing

For dry & irritated skin
For rashes

Relaxing & easier to fall asleep

Blue chamomile reduces inflammation on the skin

Beeswax 蜂蠟

Organic & Local

A skin care classic with a very long tradition in both nordic and oriental medicine. Beeswax has many healing effects on skin condition and immunity. Local organic beeswax gives Essence Balm a wonderful solid composition that makes dosing the product much easier.

Beeswax together with shea butter make sure that precious moisture does not escape from your skin!

Supports the skin's protective barrier and prevents moisture from evaporating

Repairs skin damage
Does not clog pores

For acne-prone skin
For acne rosacea
For rashes

Beeswax repairs skin damage