Skin problems & Essence Balm

Iho-ongelmat & Essence Balm

Essence Balm has rapidly become renowned as a solution for various skin problems, and rightly so. It provides gentle support when the skin's balance is disturbed. Often, the underlying causes of persistent skin conditions are emotional and inherited factors. In this text, I explore the secret behind the potency of Essence Balm!

Quick fix?

In skincare, we often desire quick results, especially when faced with issues that bother us. Be it a new wrinkle at the corner of the eye, a pimple in the middle of the forehead, or constantly reddened sides of the nose.

For miracles to happen overnight, cosmetics would need to be unbelievably effective, right? This is why the latest trends, individual super ingredients, strong fruit acids, or masks that promise to absorb all impurities in three minutes, tempting us to forever forget the word "blackhead," become so appealing.


Essence Balm was not created from such premises. It is founded on the timeless wisdom that softness triumphs over hardness. A mind that bends like water can let go of the rigid goals set by hardness.

Striving for perfect skin is a harsh goal. It can be difficult to smile gently at oneself in the mirror.

The more our mind demands, the more our skin reacts. New products only work for a moment, deriving their power from the hope our mind generates. By the time the jar is half-empty, we are already desperately searching for what might save us next.


“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it."
- Tao Te Ching


One of the basic ideas of Soil of Beauty is to make skincare as simple as possible and help you commit to a gentler approach to skin care. This way you can get long-term results and your skin can be worry-free.

Why does Essence Balm work?


My approach to formulation is deeply rooted in tradition, favoring time-honored techniques over the latest technological advancements. Each plant extract is crafted by hand, with patience and reverence for age-old methods. The ingredients I select are not the newest exotic finds from far-flung corners of the globe; rather, I cherish medicinal plants, mushrooms, and berries that carry a rich heritage of healing.


Far from boring, the principles of gentleness, patience, and surrender are essential on the journey to achieving radiant skin. For anyone who has battled persistent skin issues, the idea of releasing the stress tied to skincare routines is a breath of fresh air. Skin problems often stem from a myriad of causes, where external remedies alone fall short. For those enduring long-term skin challenges, I wholeheartedly recommend seeking the wisdom of Chinese medicine. Its holistic approach could offer the relief and balance you've been searching for.

Essence Balm has captivated its users with a delicate embrace. Through the harmonious blend of botanicals and masterful formulation, I've encapsulated the profound essence of Soil of Beauty's foundational philosophy within an elegant glass jar. The aroma of Essence Balm is a soothing invitation to calm your mind, immerse yourself, and release the burdens of pursuing flawless skin.

If you're suffering with skin concerns like acne, rosacea, rashes, or irritated and dry skin, Essence Balm presents a holistic healing journey for your skin. Tenderly and effectively.

What does Essence mean?


Essence Balm embodies the water element and the vital essence of Chinese medicine, laying the foundation for our physical existence.

Jing, or essence, is the cornerstone of our energy and vitality, woven from our inherited threads and shaping our growth, development, hormonal balance, and the aging process. It's the pivotal force behind our overall health and longevity – and this extends to the health and vibrancy of our skin as well.

Essence Balm is not just skincare; it's a tribute to the deep, sustaining principles that fuel our very life force.

Our lifestyle choices play a crucial role in either preserving or depleting our vital essence. Indeed, our essence can diminish, leading to illness, premature aging, and fatigue. Factors such as a hectic pace, stress, intense emotions, or poor nutrition can accelerate the consumption of our life force. As this essential energy wanes, we may experience physical exhaustion, lapses in memory, and a host of other health issues. Remarkably, these internal changes are often mirrored on the outside, manifesting visibly on our skin.


In today's world, there's a high value placed on productivity, efficiency, and the pursuit of intense emotions and experiences. Such extreme ways of living, be it through relentless work hours, drastic diets, or the ceaseless quest for perfection, can significantly drain our life's vital essence.

It's a natural process for life to consume essence. However, our lifestyles and mindsets have the power to slow down this consumption, ensuring our essence doesn't deplete prematurely. This brings us back to the fundamental issue: the stress and rigorous demands of modern skincare routines can be a significant obstacle to maintaining healthy skin.

This is precisely where Essence Balm becomes indispensable. It's a universal remedy, designed to cater to every skin type and address every skin concern, embodying the gentle care your skin truly deserves.


 ' A thoughtfully curated blend of botanicals fortifies your skin's resilience to both internal and external stressors. Whether you're navigating specific skin concerns or simply aiming to bolster the health and defense of your skin, Essence Balm is the perfect choice. Its versatile nature ensures it adapts seamlessly to meet your skin's unique needs.'

Essence Balm's formulation has been consciously designed with the modern lifestyle in mind, understanding its exhaustive impact on your skin. It fortifies the structure of your skin and enhances its ability to adapt to both internal and external challenges. This approach results in remarkable and lasting outcomes for skin that's been wearied by life's demands. Moreover, its effect in protecting the skin's essence also aids in preventing damage, ensuring your skin stays healthy and vibrant.

Have you tried Essence Balm yet?


'Do you have the Patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?
-Tao Te Ching