Sun and skin

Aurinko ja iho

We have been able to enjoy a record hot spring. The sun has shone and made everything grow quickly. Changes also occur in the skin as a result of sunlight and the lengthening of the day. In Chinese medicine, we talk about Qi, or energy, and in spring this energy rises more strongly to the surface of the skin. Skin cells regenerate faster and sebum production increases. The energy remains on the surface throughout the summer and begins to slowly withdraw deeper into the body when autumn comes.

Kirjoitus auringon vaikutuksesta ihoon.

How does the sun affect the skin?

Wrinkles, burning and liver spots are the biggest concerns when it comes to the sun. Here are some tips for preventing them and their causes.

It is often thought that the sun wrinkles the skin. Rather, it is about the fact that the sun dries the skin and the dryness brings out the lines that arise from our expressions. When Qi (energy) and Blood (fluids) circulate on our face, the skin stays moist and flexible. Few people have such an ideal state of health, so external care is needed to keep the skin's surface in good condition. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, moisturizing your skin is the number one priority! Serums and moisturizing masks daily help the skin restore a good moisture balance and repair possible damage.

Burning the skin is always harmful, so it is important to know how much your skin can tolerate the sun. If you burn easily, you must protect your skin very carefully.

How to choose a safe sunscreen?

According to current knowledge, chemical sunscreens are harmful to health, water bodies and increase the risk of skin cancer.
Physical sunscreens allowed in natural cosmetics are a safe option for everyone. They are based on titanium and zinc oxide obtained from minerals, which reflect UV radiation away from the skin. The absolute advantages of physical sun protection, in addition to safety, include the fact that the protection is immediate after applying the cream and does not wear off. There is no need to add physical sunscreen throughout the day if you don't swim or sweat it off.

Liver spots

Hyperpigmentation, better known as liver spots, is a phenomenon familiar to many. Hyperpigmentation also includes uneven skin color, "pregnancy mask" and darkening of skin infections/scars. It is the excessive activity of melanocyte cells and the body's inability to break down and eliminate these excess melanin clusters. Melanocyte cells produce melanin, which creates a tan on the surface of the skin. When this function is disturbed, vague darker areas are formed on the skin.

In Chinese medicine, hyperpigmentation is usually associated with disorders of the liver, which is very closely related to hormonal cycles. Menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, hormonal contraception and menopause are typical times when excessive pigmentation appears on the face. When liver spots appear without excessive sun exposure, it is an internal condition and it is worth visiting a Chinese medicine practitioner. External treatment of these spots is usually difficult and they return easily.

Hormonal liver spots that appear during pregnancy often heal on their own when hormone function returns to normal after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What about the sun and liver spots?

Not everyone gets liver spots, so the sun alone cannot be the cause. The spots that have lightened during the winter start to darken immediately from the light of the spring sun. Spots or freckles clearly caused by the sun are related to the function of the Lungs in Chinese. In Chinese medicine, the Lungs are reflected on the surface of the skin and tell about the internal state of the body.

If you have liver spots, you should protect yourself from the sun more carefully and start using sunscreen already in February. In September, UV radiation starts to weaken in Finland and then the protection factor is no longer needed.

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