Facial acupuncture - more than a cosmetic treatment

Kasvoakupunktio – enemmän kuin kosmeettista hoitoa

For years I have studied various comprehensive treatments in order to better understand the wonderful communication of the human body, mind and emotions. Chinese medicine and acupuncture have given me the most understanding and means for truly holistic skin care.

Kasvoakupunktio on luonnollinen tapa hoitaa kauneutta.

What causes the changes in the face?

Usually the real cause of skin problems is found deeper than the surface. Our gut, nutrition, emotions and thoughts affect the well-being of the skin. In this case, sufficient results cannot be achieved with external treatment of the skin alone.

Meridians, or energy channels, also run on the face. Disturbances in the circulation of Energy, i.e. Qi and Blood, are reflected in the condition of the skin. All emotions, both experienced and repressed, are especially visible on our faces. The marks on our face tell about our inner world, our feelings and thoughts. Lines are formed by facial expressions and there is always an emotion behind the expressions. When a certain emotional state is repeated often, a mark is formed on the skin. However, these traces are not necessarily permanent, but it is possible for them to heal with our inner growth.

Effects of facial acupuncture

Facial acupuncture is a completely natural and safe way to treat the skin, body and mind. And it's more than just a cosmetic treatment. Acupuncture is relaxing, takes you as a whole into account and can offer solutions to even surprising symptoms. It is very typical that in facial acupuncture you also get help for possible stomach problems, menstrual disorders or body pain states. All of these affect your face, so it's important to me to help you as a whole.

Facial acupuncture has gained popularity around the world, especially thanks to its firming and lifting effect. In addition, facial acupuncture is suitable for brightening the skin, relaxing facial muscles and relieving stress. Facial acupuncture is also suitable for various skin problems such as acne, impurities, rosacea and rashes.

During the treatment, I will interview you e.g. lifestyle, eating habits, sleeping, bowel function and hormone function. In addition, the treatment includes examination of the tongue and listening to the pulse. They can provide crucial additional information if the reason for the symptoms is not clear in the interview. I will give you suitable instructions regarding diet, nutritional supplements, skin care and lifestyle.

In facial acupuncture, very thin disposable needles are used and pain is usually not felt at all. The body's acupuncture points are always selected individually according to the situation at that moment. In addition to the face, needles also appear in, for example, the legs, stomach and hands. You can relax in acupuncture for half an hour. Finally, I massage the face and head area with organic oil and you are guaranteed to be deeply relaxed!

In my treatments, I use domestic Anumati Naturals organic cosmetics and Soil of beauty organic cosmetics based on Chinese medicine. Facial acupuncture treatment always includes initial cleansing of the skin, serums and creams suitable for you. Acupuncture can also be combined with facial treatment.

Welcome to try different and individual skin care with the help of Chinese medicine and facial acupuncture!