Dry face cupping - Firm the face naturally

Kasvojen kuivakuppaus on tehokas hoito, jonka voit tehdä vaivattomasti kotonasi.

Dry face cupping has become a super popular home treatment for natural skin firming and deep cleansing. And no wonder, the results are excellent with very little effort. Dry facial cupping is the perfect treatment for you who want to treat your face completely naturally and get visible results quickly. And what's best, you can do the treatment while relaxing on the couch at home!

What is dry cupping and who is it suitable for?

Facial suction cup massage has a very long tradition in beauty care. Dry cupping has been used to remove puffiness and shape the face for hundreds of years. Of course, the tools have changed and the technology is also gentler. Soil of Beauty's safe facial dry cupping technology also takes into account the old wisdom in beauty care and brings really high-quality and beautiful suction cups to your bathroom.

In dry cupping, the suction cup creates negative pressure and suction and is slid over the face with an oil-based product. Easy, fast and the results are immediate! The treatment is suitable for almost everyone. Treatment of skin problems such as acne or rosacea is also possible with Soil of Beauty's dry cupping instructions. Lifeless, sagging and congested skin benefits the most from dry cupping, because the treatment is very effective in renewing and brightening the skin. The smaller suction cup is also great for firming and de-puffling around the eyes and plumping up the lips. The internationally awarded eye serum Botanical Eye Lift is suitable for use with a smaller suction cup.

Kasvojen imukuppihieronta on vaivaton tapa kiinteyttää ihoa.

Benefits of facial cupping

  • Blood circulation improves and the skin gets a healthy color
  • Energy circulation improves and the face gets a beautiful glow
  • Slag substances are removed from the face when the lymphatic circulation opens up
  • The skin's intake of nutrients improves and the effect of the facial oil is enhanced
  • The muscle membranes open and the skin is better moisturized
  • Relieves muscle tension on the face
  • Shapes the face and smoothes lines
  • Tightens sagging skin
  • Removes swelling
  • Reduces impurities and blockages
  • Reduces acne scars
  • Reduces redness caused by dilated blood vessels

Kauniit Soil of Beauty imukupit on tehty lääkinnällisestä silikonista.

What does dry cupping do to the face?

The reason why impurities, dryness and a tired look on the face are relieved by dry cupping can be found in the lymphatic circulation. If we compare blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, the blood is moved by the pumping movement of the heart, and the lymphatic fluids are moved by body movement, deep breathing and gravity. Blood carries red blood cells, while clear lymph carries white blood cells. In Chinese medicine, blood and fluids are among the basic substances of life, and therefore their free circulation is extremely important for health.

The lymphatic system moves the waste removed by the cells, but is also responsible for transporting fat-soluble nutrients to the cells. Clogged lymphatic circulation often leads to dry skin and joints.

Facial cupping promotes lymphatic circulation. The weakened pumping of the lymphatic system is activated by the gentle suction of the cup and the correct direction of the movement. The lymphatic fluid that has accumulated in the lymphatic vessels and contains waste materials gets back into the circulation and is replaced by clean, nutritious fluids. The results are immediate, the skin is cleansed and revitalized. However, remember that proper technique is paramount!

How do I choose suitable dry cupping cups for the face?

Silicone and glass facial suction cups are available for home use. I definitely recommend silicone cups as they are safer for home use. The glass suction cup is significantly harder against the skin and usually the suction is also stronger. In dry cupping of the face, the power of the suction is not important in terms of results, but the risk of bruising is! Less is more here too. In addition, glass suction cups are really difficult to clean. They have a big rubber ball that collects liquid when washing and it takes a frustratingly long time to dry. The silicone cup is easy to clean and it also dries quickly. In terms of ecology, silicone also wins, it is the so-called eternal because it does not disintegrate when dropped. Ergonomics is also important, especially if you suffer from stiffness/arthrosis of the finger joints, tennis elbow or carpal tunnel problems - squeezing a big rubber ball in a glass cup will quickly hurt your hand.

Silicone suction cup

- ecological
- safe
- ergonomic to use
- easier to clean

    Glass suction cup

    - breaks easily when dropped
    - higher risk of bruising
    - less ergonomic to use
    - difficult to clean

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      Facial cupping or gua sha?

      In recent years, facial gua sha has also gained great popularity in skin care. Gua sha, as well as dry cupping, are both forms of treatment based on Chinese medicine. In my own work, I have experienced that gua sha is better when the face has strong xu, i.e. deficiency symptoms. At this point the skin is thin, fragile, dry and lifeless. Blood and Qi do not circulate in the face and the body is in a weak state. In low states, it is also important to go to acupuncture, so that the body can recover from the inside as well. In this situation, the skin of the face may not be able to withstand the suction of the facial cupping and the risk of bruising increases. When done gently, dry cupping can be beneficial as it brings blood and fluids to the skin. In this situation, the safest thing to do is to have a professional assess the situation first.

      I always choose facial cupping for my client if the face has shi, i.e. symptoms of excess.Symptoms of an excess state can include swelling, impurities, cloudy skin color, redness and heat. They also include acne, rosacea and liver spots.

      My skin is sensitive to acne, and that's why I've personally received more help from the suction cup massage.Gua sha makes my skin inflamed. Therefore, I can only use it on the neck, nape and décolleté to activate the lymphatic circulation. Dry cupping can also treat nasty impurities in the jawbone area. After starting facial cupping, many of them have completely disappeared!

      A suction cup massage is better for you than gua sha, if you don't want to spend a long time on beauty care, but want results quickly and with little effort.

      I recommend facial dry cupping to everyone who wants to take care of their skin effectively and naturally! Soil of Beauty's high-quality facial cups come with a 25-page e-book,which contains comprehensive instructions for performing the suction cup treatment.

      Experiences with Soil of Beauty dry facial cupping:

      ” I wanted to try cupping on my face, because the skin on my face was very tired. The cupping done with Essence balm gave my face an immediate lift and I was completely sold. I also notice that the biting of the teeth at night has decreased thanks to the cupping because the facial muscles have relaxed." -Tiina Koski

      "Using facial cupping cups is easy and it has become a wonderful meditative evening routine for me. My skin has strengthened, become smoother and the blockages have decreased. My skin, which reacts sensitively with redness, has also become less reactive to environmental stimuli. It also feels effective in the treatment of décolleté lines. "- Lisa

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