Autumn and skin care

Syksy ja ihonhoito
In Chinese medicine, the different seasons also control our body's internal rhythms. One way to look at it is the Yin and Yang theory. Between summer and autumn, there is a change from Yang, which represents warmth, activity and movement, to Yin, which invites to quieten down, simplify and turn inward. In order to stay in balance, it is good for us to listen to nature within us and walk guided by these rhythms.
In autumn, the air starts to become cooler outside and drier indoors due to heating. I personally love the freshness of autumn and the opportunity to pull on a warm sweater. But at the same time I also notice how the lips start to crack and the skin feels drier. After an active and warm summer, the energy starts to move deeper, and our inner introvert starts to wake up. Autumn is the perfect time to deepen your focus on skin care as well. In summer, both cooking and skin care can be lighter, faster and more carefree, but turning to Yin time invites you to stop and be quiet. While long-simmered stews and soups provide internal Yin nutrition and moisture to your body, your skin can also benefit from this same awareness.

How do I take care of my skin in autumn?

Every season, your skin needs cleansing, water-based moisture and oily protection to lock moisture into the deeper layers of your skin. Very simple! In autumn, due to external factors, the importance of increasing water-humidity and preventing its evaporation is emphasized. Another important thing is related to the reduction of Yang energy on the surface of the skin as it moves deeper into the body. You may notice this as skin fatigue and congestion. A phenomenon known to many is that the skin is in really good condition in the summer (Yang activates and brings glow!) and when autumn comes, the problems begin. Usually we blame this on the decrease in sunlight, which is also true because the sun represents Yang energy. But it's also perfectly natural for our inner sun and warmth to shift to a different level as the season shifts to a more Yin time.

Find your great skin in autumn too!

Because of their adaptive effect, Soil of Beauty's products are effective in every season. You can support the effect with your own intention and concentration, especially if you have challenges with your skin in the fall.
Please note these things in your daily skin care:


Now it is especially important to have the patience to spend time on this stage. Pump 10 times of Qi Relief Cleanser and lather it in wet hands. Spread calmly ( During Yin, the power of the slower movement is emphasized) and close your eyes and rub your face for 1-2 minutes. Remember to breathe and smell the product. Mandarin peel and rose root activate the skin's energy and blood circulation, bringing the Yang it needs. Rinse with warm water.


Room air and crisp mornings are drier than your skin, so you lose important moisture all the time. In the summer, you could only lightly spray Shen Tonic Elixir , but now it's important for you to be more careful. Spray a few sprays on your face immediately after washing. Gently press the moisture into your skin. If your skin doesn't feel "full" then repeat this step a second time. Shen Tonic Elixir is a highly moisturizing serum. The special effect of the elixir is influenced by the adaptogenic Schisandra beauty berry, which helps by shrinking and also locks water in the skin. The end result is very elastic, moist and glowing skin.


Add the Essence Balm immediately on top of the elixir, so don't wait for it to fully absorb. In autumn and winter, you can take the balm more generously. Essence Balm's vegetable oils help repair the skin's protective surface and prevent moisture from escaping. Gently massage the balm all over the face, around the eyes and neck. Let the relaxing scent really affect your mood.
Essence Balm contains Yin-strengthening plant extracts and prepares your skin to withstand the challenges of the cold season. Finnish organic reishi extract strengthens your skin's immunity against external pathogens, but also protects it from internal stressors. Therefore, it is well suited for stressed skin and hormonal skin problems.
Balms are great for protecting your skin from moisture evaporation and dry room air. They contain vegetable oils and waxes, replacing moisturizer and face oil in skin care. The balms are water-free, so a moisturizing mist is necessary with it.

Remember to breathe

In autumn and winter, everything slows down. Let this soothing calmness be felt in your skin care as well. The sense of scents, gentle compositions and the ease of stopping for a moment. Focus on breathing every time you take care of your skin and be present to yourself. This does not take time, but it is deeply healing for your skin to live according to the rhythms of nature.