A warm salad at the end of winter

Lopputalven lämmin salaatti

You can already feel the energy of spring and at least I've been craving salad for a month now! It's still cold and winter outside, but our body is already preparing for the arrival of spring.

In the cold seasons, eating salad is not recommended according to the teachings of Chinese medicine. Salads are cooling like other raw food. Especially if there is already an imbalance in the intestines, eating salads in winter can cause digestive problems and increase frostbite.

However, you don't have to give up "salad" completely, you can make a really nutrient-dense meal from it, garnished with warm side dishes. Here is one of my recipes for you to try!

The basis of the salad is sprouts, which have a lot of nutrients. I personally have not experienced these as cooling in the same way as traditional salads, even though I'm cold! Sesame oil is warming and tastes wonderful with rapeseed sprouts. Avocado is rich in soft fat and vitamins. In this recipe, it gets a touch of lemon juice and warming black pepper on top.

Carrot and tomatoes are roasted at a low temperature in a pan. I also added a little sesame oil, thyme, apple cider vinegar and salt to these.

The freshly boiled chicken eggs bring protein to the whole and again that much-needed warmth.

Roasted pumpkin seeds - warm of course! :)

The salad contains a suitable amount of heat for the current weather conditions, and on the other hand, the apple cider vinegar brings a sour taste which is the taste of spring.


The transition salad from winter to spring

Broccoli sprouts
Arugula sprouts
Mangold sprouts
Sesame oil
Black pepper

Baby spinach

Black pepper

Lightly stir-fried carrot-tomato side dish
Sesame oil
Apple vinegar

Boiled egg

Roasted pumpkin seeds