Breakfast broth


Our steamed vegetables have been on the breakfast menu all early winter. My stomach is gurgling with happiness after this breakfast!

Aamiaisliemi lämmittää kehoa sisäisesti ja sopii hyvin talveen.

Warm vegetables are good for digestion and they are prepared by themselves during other morning activities. Leeks, parsnips, red onions, celery, various cabbages and beetroot are delicious when steamed. At the same time, the cooking broth makes a tasty appetizer for breakfast or as a snack.

When steaming, liquids from the vegetables drain into the cooking broth, which in themselves bring flavor and nutrients. We have prepared a particularly tasty broth with the following instructions.

Add to the water part of the steamer

  • A piece of ginger root in thin slices
  • Good salt to taste
  • Leek in thin slices
  • Celery in thin slices
  • Honey (only at the end, don't boil)

When the vegetables have steamed until soft, the broth is also ready. Add honey for sweetness just before eating the broth. I myself have taken the rest of the broth with me to work at the travel hot spring and enjoyed it as a snack.

The broth is surprisingly filling and it works very well as a digestive heat stimulant before the actual meal. If you are very cold, this is a nutritious tea substitute for winter time. Ginger improves blood and energy circulation and brings a nice flow to the working day.

Also remember to eat steamed vegetables :) Top with good olive oil, salt and pepper!