A warm flow drink for the morning

Lämmin flow-juoma aamuun

How would it sound to start the morning with a drink that warms digestion, makes energy flow freely and supports a healthy gut environment?

Omenaviinietikka on terveellinen tapa aloittaa aamu

What you eat and drink in the morning is decisive for digestion throughout the day. The energy of the stomach is most active between 7 and 9, when it is the best time to eat the first meal. Before eating, it is good to wake up and warm the stomach with a warm drink. The stomach does not like the cold! It has been studied that the stomach removes cold drinks and food faster than warm food, and then the food does not have time to melt sufficiently for the next stage of digestion.

And this can result in a variety of stomach problems. 

For many, the morning is a busy time and the meal is missed or eaten only at work. Instead of morning coffee, a warm flow drink is a much better option, because coffee is energetically cooling. At least start your morning with a warming drink! 

The warm flow drink is delicious and supports your health in many ways!

Raw materials: 

Unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar - 1 tablespoon

  • supports the free flow of Liver energy and relieves PMS symptoms, irritability, stress and poor blood circulation
  • creates a good growth environment for intestinal microbes
  • brings a feeling of satiety, balances blood sugar and helps with weight control

Ceylon cinnamon - 1/2 teaspoon  

  • warms
  • lowers blood sugar
  • improves blood circulation
  • unblocks the body
  • relieves inflammation

Cayenne - pepper - little! 

  • in a small amount warms the blood circulation and relieves pain

Hot water - mug

  • makes the drink easily absorbed and friendly to the stomach
  • reduces the acidifying effect of apple cider vinegar on tooth enamel

Lämmin flow juoma on hyvä tapa aloittaa päivä. Se laittaa qi:n liikkeelle.

Drink every morning on an empty stomach <3 

This is the perfect drink especially if you have frostbite, poor circulation, exhaustion, pain, indigestion or problems with blood sugar and/or cholesterol.

One dose in the morning is enough, don't drink more. 

It is important to choose good quality unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Good brands include Raw, Beutelsbacher and Bragg. The easiest way to find it is at a health food store.

For cinnamon, choose organic Ceylon cinnamon that contains only a trace of coumarin, which is an aromatic compound harmful to the liver.

Delicious drinking moments for everyone!